Welcome to the ICE New York Metropolitan Area Local Association Website

This is the local association for The Institution of Civil Engineers in the North Eastern Area of The United States of America. It provides a regional forum for the Institution's learned society activities, including the generation of meetings, seminars and the like.

The Institution of Civil Engineers (www.ice.org.uk) is an independent learned society of Civil Engineers based in the United Kingdom with members located worldwide.

For some general guidance for those considering practising civil engineering in the USA, see the ICE's "Working in the USA" page.


Upcoming Events

The next event will be a Bar Debate which will be held on Tuesday February 24, 2015 with the motion "20th Century Engineering Experience is No Longer Relevant". Click here for the flyer. Click here for live webcast details.

This event will be closely followed by a Technical Lecture, hosted jointly with the ASCE Met Section, titled "Structural Risk Assessment & Management - System Performance Identification as a Method of Forensic Science (and how to avoid errors)", which will be held on Wednesday March 4, 2015. Click here for the flyer.



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